Free-Turn X: Makes Big Scopes Handle Like Small Ones
The Free-Turn X marries elegance and efficiency with pure brawn.  At only 9.4 pounds, the Free-Turn X's optimized structure is designed to carry big loads without being a big load.

Go Small.  Go Large.  The Free-Turn X is nimble enough to be a good match to an 100 mm refractor -- but has the strength to solidly carry a 140 mm triplet.  The versatile FTX is perfect for refractors, Cassegrains, and large binoculars.

The Free-Turn X provides better manual "tracking" because it operates with low levels of friction. 
The engineered secret is two-axis balancing without counterweights.  The FTX uses the weight of the scope itself to counter the average off-axis load created by the star-diagonal, eyepiece, finder, etc.  Off-axis loading is responsible for "balance shifts" when aiming higher or lower with mounts lacking two-axis balancing.  Free from gravity-induced torque, the FTX can optimize precise movement rather than staying-in-place.

New lever-operated "on-demand" slow-motion controls provide fine position adjustments when you need them -- but fold neatly out of the way when you don't.
  The clutchless design never needs adjustment or maintenance, adds no drag, and does not reduce the rigid character of the FTX.

The Free-Turn X provides no-tool, adjust-on-the-fly friction control. 
Sometimes, a little friction be a good thing.  The FTX does NOT force one to accept the worst-case level of friction for all of your observing.  Forget using a wrench, removing covers, and making trial-and-error adjustments!  With the FTX, add only the resistance you want by moving a lever.  Most eyepiece changes require no compensation.  Because of the FTX's integrated two-axis balancing, you only need to add the minimum friction necessary to null the variation in off-axis load -- not the entire off-axis load.
The Free-Turn X provides excellent zenith clearance as an integral feature. 
You don't need to buy a separate extension column that is essentially dead-weight with the sole purpose of solving clearance problems.  Save weight and bulk with the efficient FTX.

The Free-Turn X keeps the load close to the tripod's centerline, improving load stability and reducing stress on the tripod. 
The FTX performs well on tripods that would be considerably undersized for mount designs that swing the load to the side.  Save cost and weight on the tripod.  The FTX provides a more comfortable observing position, too -- that doesn't squeeze you close to the tripod legs and move you in a big circle.

The Free-Turn X points accurately. 
Find anything quickly!  Without noise.  Without big batteries.  Without meridian reversals.  Without waiting on slow slews.  Without mechanical breakdowns.  The FTX is good to go for many years -- without hassles or failures.

The Free-Turn X is the EASY mount. 
Lightweight.  Compact.  Solid.  Intuitive operation.  Reliable.
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Summary of FTX Features:
  • CNC machined, cross-braced structure.  Rigid, precise, and beautiful.
  • Virgin aircraft-grade alloys.  No castings.  Anodized finish.
  • Two-axis balancing without counterweights.  No chasing balance by shifting the load.
  • Cam-lever friction control.  Set the resistance you want without tools.
  • Lever-operated "On Demand" slow-motion controls.  Use them only when needed.
  • Retractable, CNC machined guide-handle.
  • Preloaded roller bearings.  Fingertip motion control.  Zero slop.
  • Stainless steel fasteners.
  • Powerful dovetail plate clamping system accepts Nova-style dovetail plates.
  • An adapter for Losmandy D-series plates is available from ADM.
  • Attaches to tripod via standard 3/8-16 screw.
  • Horizon stop and zenith stop to protect scopes from accidental bumps.
  • 5,000-step encoders in aluminum housings and folding DSC bracket.
FTX Pricing and Internet Ordering
3% added
for PayPal

Reserve an FTX from the next production run.  An FTX consists of the mount with 5,000-step encoders, folding DSC tray, and guide-handle.  Its price is $2199 plus $80 for US shipping.  Deposits are tiered based upon delivery date.  Customers with the longest waiting times will pay the smallest deposits.  A customer may sign up for any one of the Delivery Groups based upon personal preference, but only a limited number of production slots are available in each Delivery Group.
FTX Delivery Group 1
August and September
50% Deposit
FTX Delivery Group 2
October and November

40% Deposit

FTX Delivery Group 3
December and January

30% Deposit

FTX Delivery Group 4
February and March

20% Deposit

9" Nova-style Dovetail Plate
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Finder Bracket shipped in US
Trim-Weight  Assembly
Hitch Hiker:  The Little Multi-Purpose Mount that Could
Summary of Hitch Hiker Features:
  • Weighs only two pounds.  Folds compactly.
  • CNC machined.  Virgin aircraft-grade alloys.  Anodized finish.  Rigid; precise; and beautiful.
  • A true gimbal mount with two-axis balancing.
  • Generous fore/aft balance adjustment built into the payload platform.  No need to rely on shifting flimsy quick-plates.
  • Retractable guide-handle with angle adjustment.
  • Retractable payload platform holds a wide load when extended.
  • Cam-lever friction control.  Set the resistance you want without tools.
  • Preloaded roller bearings.  Fingertip motion control.  Zero slop.
  • Stainless steel hardware.
  • Attaches to tripod via standard 3/8-16 screw.
  • Can be configured to aim most equipment straight-up or straight-down.
  • Both 3/8 and 1/4 inch holes provided on payload platform for attaching quick-plate clamps.
At only 2.1 pounds, the Hitch Hiker is a compact, ultra-lightweight gimbal mount designed for birding, Nature-watching, telephotography, video, and astronomy.  The Hitch Hiker features the same silky-smooth motions made famous by the dedicated astronomy mounts.  Typical loads would include instruments that you would take on a hike:  Binoculars, spotting scopes, DSLR cameras with compact telephotos, small telescopes, and small video cameras.  The payload platform is wide enough to accommodate 70 mm and 80 mm binoculars.

Not only is the Hitch Hiker lighter and more compact than competing gimbal mounts, it provides an unusually large range of vertical rotation.  The retractable, adjustable-angle guide-handle is another unusual feature -- and is very important for convenient aiming of short instruments like spotting scopes, binoculars, telephoto lenses that aren't long enough to have a mounting foot, and small video cameras.  Lever operated friction controls allow independent adjustment of the altitude and azimuth axes to fit the situation.  The retractable payload platform will accommodate wide loads -- but will allow spotting scopes and telescopes to ride close the mount and tripod centerline for maximum stability.