Free-Turn X: Versatile Lifetime Mount That Is Easy
Is your current alt-az mount state-of-the-art or stuck-in-a-rut?  Times change.  Simply claiming to be the best doesn't make it so.  The V.2 FTX makes other alt-az mounts obsolete.

The Version 2 Free-Turn X adds new features and options to the rugged, reliable, easy-to-use workhorse mount that has proven so successful.  The overall dimensions have not changed, and the solid, friendly character of the FTX remains.

The Free-Turn X marries classical elegance and high-tech efficiency with pure brawn.  At only 8.9 pounds (9.4 pounds with a Nexus DSC), the Free-Turn X's optimized structure is designed to carry big loads without being a big load. It's the smallest and lightest mount that can effectively carry a TEC 140 or C-11.  And the versatile FTX is also perfect for 100 mm binoculars.  Note that the listed 9.4-pound weight of the FTX represents a ready-to-use mount with encoders and DSC -- not a bare head as some competing mounts advertise.

The Free-Turn X provides better manual "tracking" because it operates with low levels of friction. 
The secret is two-axis balancing without counterweights.  Employing an adjustable saddle, the FTX uses the weight of the scope itself to counter the off-axis load created by the star-diagonal, eyepiece, finder, etc.  Off-axis loading is responsible for "balance shifts" when aiming higher or lower with mounts lacking two-axis balancing.  (For a graphical explanation, click here.)  Free from gravity-induced torque, the FTX optimizes precise movement.
More info on why friction does not solve balance!

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Summary of V.2 FTX Features:
  • Weighs only 9.4 pounds ready-to-use.  Performs big.  Carries small.
  • CNC machined, cross-braced structure.  Rigid, lightweight, precise, and beautiful.
  • Virgin aircraft-grade alloys.  No castings.  Anodized finish.
  • No counterweights needed for big scopes.
  • Two-axis balancing without counterweights.  Balance remains constant with up & down rotations.
  • Cam-lever friction control.  Set the resistance you want without tools.
  • 20,000-step encoders in machined aluminum housings.  Super hign-precision pointing for Nexus DSC.
  • Folding DSC bracket.  Sized to fit Nexus DSC perfectly.
  • Integrated attachment ball for RAM smart-phone/mini-tablet bracket.  Go graphical Push-To.
  • Preloaded roller bearings.  Low-friction smoothness.  Zero slop.  No maintenance -- ever.
  • Stainless steel fasteners.
  • Powerful dovetail plate clamping system accepts Nova-style plates.  Won't slip with heavy loads.
  • An adapter for Losmandy D-series plates is available from ADM.
  • Attaches to tripod via standard 3/8-16 screw.  Optional Tripod Quick-Release.
  • Adjustable horizon stop and zenith stop to protect scopes from accidental bumps.
  • CNC machined and engraved carry-handle.
  • Retractable CNC machined guide-handle with knurled grip.
  • Finder bracket.
V.2 FTX Pricing and Internet Ordering
The V.2 FTX Classic mount includes 20,000-step encoders; folding DSC bracket; retractable CNC machined guide-handle; engraved carry-handle; finder bracket; Nova-style dovetail plate; and RAM-ball.

Note:  Shipping is about to begin on the new V.2 FTX.  A backlog of preorders exists.  Mounts ordered now will take five weeks to deliver.
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V.2 FTX Classic Mount
9" Nova-style Dovetail Plate
(One is included with mount.)
The following items are not included with the mount and must be purchased as separate items.
Note:  These optional items are only available for adding to V.2 FTX orders.
Optional Tripod
Optional Trim-Weight System
Optional folding bracket for dew-control system & battery
Hitch Hiker:  The Little Multi-Purpose Mount that Could
Click for larger image.
The advanced Free-Turn X provides no-tool, adjust-on-the-fly friction control.  Sometimes, a little friction is a good thing.  But the FTX does NOT force one to accept the worst-case friction level for all of your observing, as on older designs.  Forget using a wrench, removing covers, and making trial-and-error adjustments!  With the  FTX, add only the resistance you want by moving a lever.  The friction-control levers rotate and fold compactly alongside the mount for transport.
The Free-Turn X provides excellent zenith clearance as an integral feature. 
You don't need to buy a separate extension column that is essentially dead-weight with the sole purpose of solving clearance problems.  Save weight and bulk with the efficient FTX.  The optional Tripod Quick-Release adds 3.5 inches of clearance, but also adds a super-convenient quick-connect function that exceeds the firmness of a hand-tightened knob.  The FTX and TQR blend perfectly into a neatly integrated system.

The Free-Turn X keeps the load close to the tripod's centerline, improving load stability and reducing stress on the tripod.  The FTX performs well on tripods that would be considerably undersized for mount designs that swing the load to the side.  Save cost and weight on the tripod.  The FTX provides a more comfortable observing position, too -- that doesn't squeeze you close to the tripod legs and move you in a big circle.

The Free-Turn X points accurately. 
Its CNC machined geometry is perfect.  There's a large, high-precision square built right into the structure of the FTX.  You can't beat that for orthogonality!  Find anything quickly.  Without noise.  Without big batteries.  Without meridian reversals.  Without waiting on slow slews.  Without mechanical breakdowns.  The FTX is good to go for many years -- without hassles or failures.  And 20,000-step encoders are now available for DSC units than can employ them.

The Free-Turn X is the EASY mount. 
Lightweight.  Compact.  Solid.  Intuitive operation.  Maintenance free.  Reliable.  Cutting edge.  Featureless mounts that lack controls aren't simple; they're just obsolete.

The V.2 FTX retracted/folded for transport.  Click on image for larger view.
The new V.2 FTX!
Shown with optional equipment.
Optional Trim-Weight System and optional Folding Dew-Controller/Battery Bracket.  Also shown are the optional Tripod Quick-Release, optional Finder Bracket, optional Guide-Handle, and optional Carry-Handle.